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CWE are partners for the WIN conference happening for the first time in Mumbai, on 5 and 6 April.
Join women from around the globe as they discuss how to shape the future that benefits all. Top business leaders, NGOs, activists and politicians meet in a colourful and diverse setting, integrating the divine feminine with modern business practices and tools. We inspire and are inspired as we accelerate the empowerment of more women in the world.

We gather to empower, develop and connect in a global, authentic and feminine way. Through world-class plenary sessions, practical workshops, benchmarking forums and coaching – we provide communities, companies and individual leaders the possibility to grow and contribute as we create a world in which we all flourish.
The plenary session gives you the inspiration, the workshop the skills and the network, the support you need to propel your life and career forward.
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All CWE members will receive a discount of INR 2,000 on the conference fee. Please email Linda Chang for more details at [email protected]

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