Catalyst for Women Entrepreneurs
India’s Platform for Women in Business

Roadmap 2020: Accelerating Women’s Entrepreneurship in India 

An impact study conducted by Athena Infonomics, Quantum Leaps Inc. and CWE.

The 3 Major Challenges identified by 250 women entrepreneurs, financing institutions, government agencies and trade bodies interviewed in Bangalore,

Mysore, Hubli, NCR and Mumbai:

  • Access to Finance [66% of women entrepreneurs were averse to taking ‘risks’ like loans/investments, with 57% fearing failure]
  •  Access to Markets and Networks [Nearly 90% of women entrepreneurs report turnovers of less than Rs 50 lakh, with just 5% earning more than Rs 2 cr]
  • Access to Enabling Technology [67% of women entrepreneurs do not use technology for business functions, aside from basic functions like email

Catalyst for Women Entrepreneurs (CWE) is the platform set up to action the Roadmap 2020 recommendations to enable more women to set up their own businesses and scale them up.

Click here to view Roadmap 2020 study findings